180cm Christmas Tree with Colorful Xmas Decorations-FREE SHIPPING


A Christmas Tree designed for you and your family.  Christmas brings all your friends and family together with joy and love, so why not celebrate the day with special and unique items.  Made of high-quality steel and PVC, this tree is designed to look real and alive. Very flexible, easy to handle, enjoy every bit of it. Flexible branches scatter automatically and folds very easily. The built-in metal stand provides additional stability, very safe you use around children. Quick and easy assembly. A joyful Christmas tree for a joyful day.  Assemble it, decorate it, have fun, when you are done, store it for next year. A must-have Christmas product. 

Key Features

  • Authentic silhouette
  • Thick and dense foliage  
  • Flexible branch frame
  • Classic needle
  • Generous PVCtips
  • Premium steel base
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Simple and quick assemble
  • Optional christmas ornaments set

Material: PVC

Base: Steel


Colour: Green

1.5M Christmas Tree

Height: 150cm / Approx. 5ft

Tree bottom diameter: 97cm

Metal base diameter: 35cm

Tips quantity: 500

1.8M Christmas Tree

Height: 180cm / Approx. 6ft

Tree bottom diameter: 112cm

Metal base diameter: 40cm

Tips quantity: 860

2.1M Christmas Tree

Height: 210cm / Approx. 7ft

Tree bottom diameter: 128cm

Metal base diameter: 45cm

Tips quantity: 1000

2.4M Christmas Tree

Height: 240cm / 8ft

Tree bottom diameter: 140cm

Metal base diameter: 50cm

Tips quantity:1500

Optional ornament set

Colourful balls quantity: 30

Snowflake quantity: 30

Golden star quantity: 1

Sign plaque quantity: 1

LED Light quantity: 350 


  • 1 x Christmas Tree
  • 1 x Christmas Ornament Set

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