Outdoor Furniture Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing outdoor furniture like dining sets, table and chairs, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. We have put together some helpful tips for your next selection.

1. Visualising your space

It's important to visualise how you want your outdoor setting to look and from there you can start to design your outdoor space.


2. Drawing Up A Plan

Once you have a good visualisation of your space the next part is to draw up a plan with a birds eye view on paper. It's always good to put as much detail on your plan as possible.


3. Visual Guides

If you need a visual guide for your design, you can place cardboard or newspaper down where you think your furniture is going to be placed.

4. Functionality

It's always a good idea to think about the functionality. So you want to make a list on what you might be doing in your space. For example, will you be entertaining guests? Will you need a bar area?

5. Measure your space

Make sure to measure your available space and add that to your drawing. This is important when it comes time to purchase, you want the correct size furniture for your space.


6. Weather and Hardwearing

Always look for furniture that is able to withstand the weather. Look for hardwearing furniture. Wicker and aluminium materials are the best types of furniture for outdoors. Aluminium designs are usually powder coated.


7. Theme Types

When choosing a design, consider matching your outdoor furniture with your indoor furniture theme.  Thus creating a flow on effect when moving from inside to outdoors.


8. Furniture Protection

This might be a no brainer but who might be using your furniture?  Your pets might be thinking your new furniture is there new day bed or playground. So consider your furnitures material and protective coverings.


9. Cleaning

When you are selecting your furniture you want something easy to clean, so keep this in mind. It can save you some valuable time.


10. Cushions

If you are going to be leaving cushions outside for a long time make sure they are made with waterproof outdoor foam. This stops mould from forming.